Wind 14.76%, 4 – 19 mph, Wales 6 – 11 mph, 0729 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area is a negligible 2 mph, a mean speed of 11 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the derelict turbines. So they are producing effectively no power at all all year round at a cost of many millions, and a totally ruined ecology. This is a serious criminal offence, violating every human rights law ever written, and all environmental laws. Solar is negligible at 1.79% and hydro is a joke at 0.40%. The obvious answer is tidal hydro, LENR and ES. Nuclear contrinues to poison the earth by irradiation from leakages, waste and accidents. Gas continues to pour methane into the atmosphere at the extraction stage, coal continues to pour carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The government’s energy policies are in tatters.

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