Very Low Morale at UCW Aberystwyth

I reject the way in which high paid appointments to Vice Chancellor are made at Aberystwyth from taxation revenue. They are not made on merit, and the process is secretive. The Welsh language is ignored, and student numbers are pumped up in order to generate fees. Parents and students from the working classes are financially crippled for low quality degrees. The latest appointment is someone called Elizabeth Treasure, who knows no Welsh at all, and has an h index of 20, about enough for associate professor in the United States. I had produced more publications than her by the time I was twenty six. I will try to find out the way in which the appointment was made using the Freedom of Information Act. Aberystwyth is ranked 539 in the world by webometrics, 481 – 490 by QS, 301 – 350 by Times and is unranked by Shanghai. There was a petition to get rid of the outgoing vice chancellor MacMahon, and she left very suddenly. My own conventional h index is 42, I am the world leader in terms of publications, a fluent first language Welsh speaker, an Alumnus of Aberystwyth, and our own scientometrics record an unprecedented worldwide interest in our work at AIAS / UPITEC. Yet when I tried to donate my papers to Hugh Owen, I was told that there was not enough shelf space. So I thought of donating a few planks and six inch nails, plus a Welsh speaking carpenter. This is another instance of prejudice and complete contempt of scholarship. My severe criticisms of UCW Aberystwyth are recorded in Autobiography Volume Two. AIAS / UPITEC is the leading institute of its kind in the world, and therefore in Wales. So there is obvious bias against Welsh scholars. If I went through the Vice Chancellors like this, none could compete with my record, whatever their gender. The Welsh Assembly is completely unable to stop the decline and anglicization of the University. A new university is needed under the aegis of the National Eisteddfod. The decline of Aberystwyth is severe, in my time the great scholar and bard Sir Thomas Parry was Principal, followed by an able Welsh speaking administrator, Sir Goronwy Daniel. After that there were faceless and monoglot bureaucrats. This is obvious and gross prejudice against native Welsh scholars and Welsh speakers. If Vice Chancellors are appointed by buddies in secret, it follows automatically that all the best scholars in Wales are ignored, without any of their work ever being read. No one in Wales should accept this, least of all the students. So there should be on going student protests until meritocracy is restored. Maybe they should follow the example of the Paris students who occupied the Sorbonne and declared it a People’s Republic.

Myron Evans, Uchelwr (Nobleman), Armiger or Squire, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)
Co President AIAS

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