FOR POSTING: UFT381 and UFT382 and Publications Section

These are very important papers of the Muenich group associated with AIAS / UPITEC on the testing and extensive development of the Ide circuit for taking energy from spacetime (ES). They should be read with UFT311, UFT321, UFT364 and other papers on and This type of circuit produces more power than inputted power. The excess power can be used in unlimited applications. Advanced programs and analytical methods are used in these papers to evaluate the results, and to define circuit parameters. In UFT311 definitive proof was given of the need for a spin connection in electrodynamics as well as gravitation. For those interested in making wind turbines obsolete overnight, these prototype circuits can be developed into advanced power stations, giving unlimited and clean energy. The economic implications of this are analyzed in Dr. Steve Bannister’s Ph. D. Thesis on There is no time to lose in developing these new power stations. My year long daily analysis on this blog shows that wind turbines are essentially useless.

Sent: 16/07/2017 19:56:37 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: 2 Papers for publication on AIAS site: Ide measurements and simulation study

I am sending over a paper on measurements of the Munich group for
several Ide-like circuits and on simulation work on parametric
oscillators, also derived from the Ide effect. I would like to propose
these papers for publishing in the UFT series and additionally in the
publications section.




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