Meeting with Steve Bannister and Kerry Pendergast

It was very good to see Steve and Kerry again, and there were about six or seven hours of detailed discussion. I will report on these more fully tomorrow. We agreed that the Institute is going very well on all fronts, and discussed major points of progress. I emphasized that there is nothing more objective than geometry on which to base a theory of physics, and Cartan geometry is the simplest possible geometry. This is of course an ancient point of view, held by for example Kepler and Einstein. We discussed ways of giving lectures by skype to any audience anywhere in the world, with occasional conferences being very important. I thank Steve for his hospitality and Kerry for giving Steve a tour of the South Wales coal field and iron works. We saw the Trevithick steam engine replica in Swansea. There has been tremendous progress by internet and e mail, silent media, and skype would add the extra dimensions of sound, video and discussion, similar to undergraduate discussions when I was a freshman at Aberystwyth. I could lecture to any audience without notes using skype, so could any other Fellow of AIAS / UPITEC. My feeling is that AIAS / UPiTEC could debate scientifically with qualified scholars anywhere in the world.

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