Wind 2.31%, 1 – 10 mph, Wales 2 – 5 mph, 0717 local time

The mean wind speed in the Betws area is now 2 mph, and so the derelict rust known as “wind turbines” is producing nothing except iron oxide. The wind speed in Wales is 2 – 5, so wind is producing nothing at all throughout Wales. Solar is completely negligible at 2.27%, so all the solar panels in Mawr are useless. Hydro is a joke at 0.47%. What is needed is a combination of tidal hydro, LENR and ES power stations. Nuclear is flat out, and gas nearing full capacity, coal is also fired up in order to stabilize the disruptive effect of wind turbines. It would be a good idea to have a revolution to get rid of all the corrupt, unelected and silent politicians who advocated this rubbishy fiasco when tidal power is freely available just four miles away from here.

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