Ideas for Trevithick Visit on Friday.

It will be a pleasure to see Steve Bannister again, and thanks again to Kerry Pendergast for organizing the trip. I will certainly have coffee ready here. Steve’s Thesis is based on the availability of essentially infinite and clean energy from spacetime: UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 and many other papers. The circuits are patented and replicated and can be explained precisely with ECE and ECE2 theories. Richard Trevithick had built a steam engine before his first steam locomotive. The idea was to transport iron from Merthyr Tydfil, Dowlais, Penderyn and other works to Cardiff using the steam engine and the canal. Steve explains that the first industrial revolution took place in Britain because of the availability of minerals and coal, which provided energy on a far bigger scale than previously possible, and because of inventive ingenuity. There was a great deal of scepticism and cynicism surrounding the Trevithick engine, notably from Crawshay, the iron master. The engine worked and took iron and passengers to the canal. This is all on the internet. The other source of essentially infinite energy comes from low energy nuclear reactors. Doug Lindstrom and Russ Davies are working on this in Florida, and LENR is explained in UFT226 ff. AIAS / UPITEC is by many measures the leading institute of its kind in the world, and therefore in Wales. This is an international effort led from Mawr, in which there are old drift mines and an enormous coal tip which I showed Steve the last time around. My family were all coal miners, which is why I am delighted at progress towards new sources of energy.

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This sounds wonderful.

Steve Bannister Stephen C. Bannister, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Economics University of Utah

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Sounds like a good plan, and thanks to Kerry! I have never seen the Trevithick engine myself. AIAS Fellow Steve Bannister of the University of Utah is an economist, and his Ph. D. Thesis on the second industrial revolution is on He is assistant professor in the department of economics.

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We could meet at Myron’s house for coffee on Friday afternoon and I could drive the tree of us to the museum, where we could continue our discussions. I could then take Myron home, before heading for Aberystwyth.


That sounds very good to me. The Trevithick engine exhibit is open on Saturday as well, so that leaves Friday afternoon without that constraint.

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It will be very good to see you! Friday from about 12 noon onwards will be fine with me, at your convenience. I have to attend a wedding by skype on Saturday. Kerry could drive you here on Friday if he can, then take you on to your hotel in time to see the Trevithick engine.

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Hello Myron. Kerry has very generously offered to show me around historical sites in Wales for Thursday and Friday, then take me to Swansea.

The question is what is the most convenient time for us to meet…Friday in the afternoon or any time on Saturday? I leave for London about noon on Sunday.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you.


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