Discussion of Notes 381(4) and 381(5)

Thanks again, testing the compatibility with antisymmetry is carried out in the attached, and the results are correct and rigorously self consistent. The antisymmetry laws are obeyed precisely, both for the static electric field and static gravitational field solutions. Solving seven equations in seven unknowns would produce these solutions, and also the plane wave solution, and more general solutions. That is work for a future date because you are doing important work on the second volume of PECE. Interest in ECE2 is at a record high. As you can see, the antisymmetry solutions are zero = zero. I agree that in general, the solution of Eqs. (7) to (8) is non trivial, but accessible to computation on a fast desktop, mainframe or supercomputer. They are simultaneous first order partial differential equations that provide three of the seven equations.

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I tested the compatibility of antisymmetry equations (7-9). The A’s and omega’s are functions, therefore these relations must hold for any point of spacetime. Considering a fixed point of spacetime, the left hand sides of these equations are constants, say c1, c2, c3. Then the equation system should be solvable for the omega’s or A’s. Unfortunately the inhomogenous terms c1,c2,c3 make the equation system unsolvable, not even a trivial solution does exist anymore. This seems to be a serious problem, if my proceeding is justified.


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In general this is the exactly defined solution for seven unknowns using seven equations. This can be found in general using a package such as Maxima. An example solution is found for the Coulomb field, known experimentally with great accuracy, and is given by Eqs. (34) to (38). So the results are most encouraging, complete solutions of the ECE2 field equations can be found by hand, and in general by computer. This is also true for the electromagnetic field. If the general solution is found any type of experimental result can be explained with a spin connection, or by using a given spin connection, any type of magnetic flux density and electric field strength can be engineered. The results in this section can also be used for the gravitational field and gravitomagnetic field. The spin connection used in the note gives an elliptcal orbit, and by adjusting the spin connection it is probably possible to obtain a precessing ellipse. This theory is ECE covariant, so it must give the same results for a precessing ellipse as obtained for example in UFT378.


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