Plans for UFT Papers and New Poetry

I will press ahead with parts one and two of new UFT papers while co author Horst Eckardt is working on volume two of “Principles of ECE”. The hugely successful ECE2 series of papers set a new record high last month (June 2017). At the same time I am working on my third volume of poetry: “New Poetry”. My poetry is read avidly in up to 182 countries off, both in Welsh and English. UNESCO has condemned the uncontrolled colonization of Wales by tories, and their mindless destruction of ancient British culture and language. Both my autobiography and second volume of poetry contain a great deal of poetry in classical Welsh. My own dialect is Silurian, once spoken over large areas of Britain, and all dialects of Welsh should also be conserved with the utmost care. The Silurians are Y Seisyllwyr. The name Cecil comes from Seisyll. Gwilym Seisyll, William Cecil, Lord Burleigh was the hard working minister who carried on his shoulders the Government of Elizabeth 1st Tudor. Both are ancestral cousins of mine.


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