Hate Blog Being Ignored

The fruitcake hate blog with which we are regretfully familiar has been ignored for eighteen years, and currently is being ignored completely (anyone can see this on www.semrush.com). Fellow U. S. citizens and I might consider making a strong formal protest to the United States Embassy in London because this illegal hate blog involves a former County Councillor who has revealed his identity. He should therefore come under police investigation for trolling and other offences. This trolling by a former County Councillor reduces the credibility of local government to zero. Since he joined, along with some abusive local cronies, the international community has recoiled in revulsion. The international scientific world of all opinions rejects violent abuse and trolling of leading scientists by internet. I have made the M. P. for Gower full aware of these matters, and have asked her to raise the matter in Parliament. There should be a Parliamentary investigation of this hate blog. Mawr Community Council has a record of being severely reprimanded by the Assembly Auditor. The new County Councillor, Rowlands, was on the Council when it was reprimanded, in 2011 and 2015, but has not mentioned the reprimands and has not apologized in any way to the electorate. The Commissioner of Police has also been kept fully informed. The tories Rowlands and Davies (elected by 18% and 6% respectively of those entitled vote) attempted to cover up all the problems of Mawr when informed of them by myself as Armiger or Squire. I was told by Davies that she would not discuss these problems, did not read about the problems, and at the same time I was told that she wanted to help. With logic like this who needs hypocrisy? This is electoral dictatorship. As Squire I am not looking for votes, obviously, and I am gravely concerned by the many problems of Mawr. Its main problem was the former County Councillor. The new one shows signs of being no better.

cc MP Gower

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