Problems in Mawr

I see that S. Davies is also a faceless tory and was somehow elected on 15% of the vote with a 42.2% turnout. This means that she was pseudoelected by only 6.3% of those eligible to vote and this is not democracy, it is crude dictatorship. As Armiger I do not indulge in hypocrisy. As a U. S. dual citizen, I can see that this process of cheap tory pseudogovernment is one of colonialism and anglicization. The most urgent problem is to save the Welsh language from extinction in Mawr. It has been murdered by colonization. This means implementation of a Bro Iaith policy which will slowly revive Mawr as it used to be, an area in which everyone spoke the language naturally. This means that the semi autonomous government of Mawr would buy up houses and land for sale, and reoffer them at well below market value to Welsh speakers. It is already clear that Davies is a typical tory hypocrite, who refuses to face facts. Aneurin Bevan described the tories as being lower than vermin, an apt description. They have been busily reducing the population to poverty and closing local libraries, whose books have had to be thrown out. All schools in Mawr should be Welsh medium schools. I request that no more monoglot tory pamphlets be thrown through my door.

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