Section 3 of paper 380

This is another excellent Section 3 by Horst Eckardt and there is immediate interest in the paper as the scientometrics show. All sixty seven ECE2 papers and books to date are being avidly studied around the world. Due to the combination of constant checking by Horst, Doug and myself, and because of our use of computer algebra wherever it can be applied, there has been no scientific criticism of ECE2. In fact there has been no valid criticism of the entire series to date, (three hundred and eighty papers and books), because the papers and books of the series are all variations on well known Cartan geometry, which is still the same now as in the early twenties. One can criticise the theory on the grounds of experimental data, but there appear to be no data that refute the theory. One could also use a more abstract geometry, but there appears to be no need for it. So this is the post Einsteinian paradigm shift, a description coined by Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe, an eminent editor of new physics. In great contrast, half of the scientific papers produced by the standard model are not read by anyone (this fact is easily googled up). It is well known that the standard model of physics (natural philosophy) has been refuted in many ways (see and

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After the last discussions I think we can let the section as is.

Dave: could you please add it to the paper?



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