Major Problems in Mawr

I received a circular today in the English language. I do speak that foreign language, with difficulty and a heavy accent, but prefer to be addressed as Armiger or Squire in the Welsh language. This should not be too much of an effort compared with a shift underground. The Welsh Language Act demands that all pamphlets be in both languages. So why do representatives assume that people speak English in Mawr? I am a Civil List Pensioner appointed by the Head of State and Parliament in 2005. I was granted a coat of arms ( by letters patent in 2008 and I am therefore an Armiger and a member of the Gentry both on merit and descent from the Tudors and Normans. By precedent of the great Tudor jurist Sir Edward Coke, all new Armigers become Members of the Gentry. I have recently written to the Labour M. P. for Gower expressing grave concern over incidents involving the former County Counillor. I have made the present Council fully aware of these incidents. I have discussed these problems with Elizabeth Evans, sometime Labour candidate for Gower, and Linda Frame, Plaid Cymru Councillor for Mawr. Both agreed entirely with my views, my Bro Iaith policy. Armiger is the Latin for Squire, a person granted a coat of farms in law of arms. My rank in the Brisih system is Uchelwr, beasue of proven descent from the Princes. The following are some major points of my policy as Squire.

1) All land in Mawr should be nationalized according to Bevanite Socialist policies, to get rid of the Somerset Trust. Mawr is historically an area of Levellers and nonconformist Dissenters, with a healthy scepticism of all forms of secular government.
2) Mawr should become a semi autonomous Bro Iaith, an area where Welsh is spoken naturally and destructive monoglot immigration prohibited without a severe Welsh language test. Emergency efforts are needed to save the Welsh language in Mawr. Old people here suffer very badly from isolation due to language loss, they frequently complain bitterly to me, as Squire, of remote pseudodemocratic and foreign government. I always speak to them in Welsh, some like myself can hardly speak English. I am the son of a coal miner and first language Welsh speaker, born in this house, and a U. S. dual citizen. I dislike being obliged to speak English by people who are too idle to learn their own language. I dislike illegal anti Welsh language attitudes among incomers, or among bigots. House prices should be driven down by so that young Welsh speakers can afford to buy them. At present land and house prices in Mawr are widlly inflated, and there is extreme overdevelopment that has almost driven the Welsh language to extinction. This is a grave offence against Human Rights – the murder of an ancient brilliant language by ignorance and bigotry. The entire civilized world, notably UNESCO, condemns this crime outright.
3) I have frequently informed the County Council, Community Council, Commissioner of Police and Chief Constable of many law and order problems and unsolved cases in Mawr. Mawr under the last County Councillor deteriorated rapidly into a crime ridden and faceless suburb. The Mawr Development Trust went bankrupt, the Mawr Community Council was severely reprimanded twice by the Auditor Wales. It imported the murderer and thief Dai Morris into Mawr. As Squire I have no confidence in such a Council unless it mends its ways completely.
4) There are severe traffic problems, double yellow lines are needed throughout Mawr, Wardens and special car parks.
5) The electoral system is meaningless, Cllr. Rowlands for example was elected with only 18% of those entitled to vote (percentage multiplied by turnout percentage). So I prefer to stand above all of that as Squire, and make friendly decrees. I have no power to enforce them, but neither have local COuncillors and A. M. s. The electoral system should be by electronic referenda and proportional representation. The present system is creaking, ancient and meanigless. It is an electoral dictatorship.
6) My analysis of wind turbines on this blog, daily for a year, shows that they are entirely useless. They were forced on Mawr by greed and corruption, ans both Labour and Plaid Cymru should now oppose them. I am sometime science advisor for Plaid Cymru, invited by Cynog Dafis M. P. when I was at Cornell.
7) I have personally fought against vandals in Mawr at the request of the police, and against illegal parking, again at the request of the police. Vandals have ruined the ecology of Gelliwastad by using motor bikes, four wheelers, horses ridden wildly off the bridle path, and by arson. I was frequently attacked physically by bikers by being grazed at about fifty miles and hour, and by having mud spun in my face.
8) Many other problems which need urgent attention.

Myron Evans

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Arniger os Squire (2008), Civil List Pensioner (2005), D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)),

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