Preliminary section 3 of paper 380

I think that this is excellent progress, it is particularly good to hear that the solution of the field equations is no problem. That is very good news. The solutions you have already obtained look plausible. As in UFT131 to UFT134 the antisymmetry laws are fundamental as you know, because they come directly from the antisymmetry of the field tensor. They are described for gravitation in Eqs. (14) to (18) of Note 380(1). It is possible, however, to try particular solutions of the antisymmetry constraints. for example from Eq. (18) of Note 380(1):

partial Q sub Y / partial X = – partial Q sub X / partial Y


omega sub X Q sub Y = – omega sub Y Q sub X

I will write out some examples in the next note. This idea simplifies the antisymmetry constraints and may “loosen them up”. The rigorous way forward is to solve the problem of seven equations in seven unknowns using perhaps Mathematica in combination with Maxima. Therefore the rigorous antisymmetry constraints, Eqs. (14) to (16) of the attached, could be made less rigorous by choice of particular solution. The field tensor being used is Eq. (11) of the attached.

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Subj: Preliminary section 3 of paper 380

It was quite difficult to find suitable examples as solutions of the field and antisymmetry equations. I found two examples but the results are not realistic for what reasons ever, see description in text.
We can also omit this part from the paper, please consider as preliminary.
The field equations alone are no problem but the antisymmetry equations define severe conditions. I am not sure if the examples in section 2 of the paper fulfill these conditions. I recalculated the example
Q_x: %i*Q_0*exp(%i*(%beta*t-(k_x*x+k_y*y+k_z*z)));
Q_y: %i*Q_0*exp(%i*(%beta*t-(k_x*x+k_y*y+k_z*z)));
Q_z: %i*Q_0*exp(%i*(%beta*t-(k_x*x+k_y*y+k_z*z)));

with Maxima. The result is:

Taking the real parts of the last 3 (antisymmetry) equations, we obtain an equation system that has only a trivial solution:

Perhaps we should check the derivation of the antisymmetry equations.



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