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Thank you very much, diolch yn fawr. The University College with which I had closest association was Aberystwyth, as in my CV above my coat of arms on the home page of The National Library of Wales has digitally archived all my work on as the only Civil List Pensioner in Wales at present, and a fluent first language Welsh speaker, the first Welsh speaker to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner. The NLW suggested the same as you, that they should be archived at UCW Aberystwyth, Hugh Owen Library. My Ph. D. Thesis and D. Sc. Thesis are already in Hugh Owen and the National Library. so my work is obviously in line with their collection policy. The original papers are worth a lot in monetary terms as well as in scientific terms. For example, the original papers of another Civil List Pensioner, James Joyce, are worth about forty million pounds, and are archived in the National Library of Ireland. Many of my books are in Hugh Owen, and all my books are in NLW, so the collection of original manuscripts is obviously in line with the collection policies of both Hugh Owen and NLW. The NLW suggested that I archive the papers at UC Swansea, and UCW Aberystwyth suggested that I archive them in the NLW. I pointed out to NLW that my main University College is Aberystwyth, not Swansea. The collection does not take much shelf space. I received my main distinction, the Civil List Pension, from the Head of State, Elizabeth II, and Parliament, on the advice of the Prime Minister. So logically the collection could be housed with the Civil List papers in the Library of Parliament, or in one of the Libraries of the Head of State, cared for by a Trust. As one of the most prolific and distinguished scholars in Wales, and a fluent Welsh speaker, my first preference is Hugh Owen Library or the Physical Sciences Library on the Penglais Campus, or any relevant Library of UCW Aberystwyth. The University of Wales is still a federal institute. I could also offer it to any relevant library in UC Swansea, such as the Miners’ Library, or to Cornell University, where I worked from 1988 to 1992. I estimate its value at about five million pounds, based on the value of original papers of other Civil List Pensioners such as James Joyce.

Myron Evans

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Dear Dr Evans,

Thank you for your enquiry. The general procedure for the personal archives of scientists, and indeed those of any academic, is to seek to place them in the institution with which their creator had closest association. This is, of course, partly subjective. It may be the university or higher education establishment where they were educated, or spent the bulk of their career, or achieved the highest distinction. There are exceptions, naturally. For example, the Royal Society accepts the archives of some of its Fellows, while in the biomedical field the Wellcome Library serves as a repository of last resort. It is not unknown, either, for archives to go abroad when a collecting institution (usually in the USA) wishes to strengthen its holdings in a particular area. While a peripatetic career can create additional difficulties, looking at your cv, there would seem to be two Welsh universities with which you have a particular connection: the University College of North Wales (now Bangor University) and the University College of Wales at Aberystwyth (now Aberystwyth University). Both hold archives, see and, although they will have collecting policies that dictate what material they will accept.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Powell

Dr Tim Powell

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Dear Dr. Powell

I have a collection of original manuscripts here produced as a Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by the Head of State in 2005. They can be viewed in the UFT section of I was referred to by the Bodleian Library in Oxford to search for repository that will keep them safely. Can you suggest a depository? A couple of ideas come to mind:

1) A repository in Wales;

1) The British Library;

2) The Library at Windsor Castle as a Civil List Pensioner.

They are valuable because they are manuscripts by a Civil List Pensioner.

Myron Evans

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Armiger (2008), Civil List Pensioner (2005))

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