Aberystwyth Vice Chancellor MacMahon has Resigned

According to some reports staff morale at Aberystwyth is low. I am well known to be very critical of the way that these appointments are made, and of the way in which they erode the Welsh language and identity, often holding them in complete, self seeking, contempt. The new Vice Chancellor, someone called Treasure who was a dental consultant, is not a Welsh speaker at all, probably with a very low h index, meaning little or no research, a faceless bureaucrat. So UCW Aberystwyth is no longer recognizable as having anything to do with Wales. I am also very critical of UCW in my time as in Autobiography Volume Two, widely read throughout the world. I am also very critical of artificial equalities and artificial quotas, which erode and gradually eliminate merit. There is a culture of inflated student numbers and huge, crippling fees for diluted degrees. It is very clear that a new Prifysgol Cymru is urgently needed based on scholarship and merit, with all staff fully and personally fluent in Welsh. April MacMahon was notorious for saying that she knew a few words of Gaelic. In Wales, Gaelic is not spoken, Welsh is spoken by the toiling natives. There is a cosy system of appointments of buddies to highly paid jobs. Using the Freedom of Information Act I tried to find out how MacMahon’s appointment was made, whether there was any open competition, whether any Welsh speakers were even considered, or whether there was open advertisement. The College refused to give any reply. I did find out that after six months, appointment documentation is destroyed, so we do not know the competition, if any. The Welsh Assembly must ensure that all staff in the Federal University of Wales are personally fluent in Welsh, and are of the finest scholarly quality. These new age Vice Chancellors do not compare in any way with a great scholar such as Prof. Sir Thomas Parry or an able administrator such as Sir Goronwy Daniel. Once inside the system they give each other jobs. This is exactly the same as in Autobiography Volume Two. I assume that Treasure does not speak a few words of Gaelic, nor any Welsh. MacMahon left after about five or six years to a University in England, where Gaelic is not spoken. In the world rankings Aberystwyth is abysmally poor. It has fallen very low in more than one meaning.

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