381(1): The Complete Solution of the ECE2 Field Equations

This note gives an example solution for free space plane waves in the absence of magnetic charge current density. The solution is Eqs. (44) to (50). The plane wave of electromagnetic radiation is accompanied by a spin connection plane wave, a plane wave of the aether or spacetime. It is shown that in general, the system of equations can be solved completely and systematically, building on the results of UFT380. A computer program could be written to do this for any problem in the physical sciences and engineering. This could be a program for a powerful desktop, a mainframe, or supercomputer. In general the theory allows for the existence of magnetic charge current density, a magnetic monopole and a magnetic current density. These do not exist in the standard model of electrodynamics. Papers such as UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 prove the existence of the spin connection with precision, using the Osamu Ide circuit.


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