Wind 13.60%, 4 – 18 mph, Wales 8 – 12 mph, 0623 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 10 mph, an effective wind speed of 1 mph, because it takes 9 mph to start the derelict turbines. So they are entirely useless as anyone who has been reading this blog daily for the last year can see clearly. All they have to do is use and the online Met Office wind map. The optimal wind speed for huge wind turbines is roughly a continuous 20 – 40 mph. These conditions never occur in Wales. This must have been known before the countryside was obliterated. So it was all a swindle, greed for subsidies. It is time therefore to demolish ugly wind turbines, build tidal lagoons, LENR and ES power stations. There is no time to lose. Nuclear is flat out and irradiating the land and sea mass with leakeages. Solar is useless at 0.02% because of nearly 100% cloud cover and rain, and hydro is useless at 0.45%, a few pathetic expreiments. The gridwatch site was constructed in order to show this sceintifically. Again, the government must have known that they would be useless, and again the solar panels dumped on Mawr are there just for subsidy, they do not produce anything. This is destructive non-government.

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