British Gas Homecare Rip Off

Readers are advised that British Gas Home Care has come in for much criticism recently, for example in “The Guardian”. They tried to rip me off for £600 for a minor plumbing task. They claimed that this was not covered by my contract, which covers plumbing. This was expertly and efficiently completed by Trustee Ashley Jones and his colleague for £35. I will make a formal complaint against British Gas, which is supposed to be a reputable company. Attempted rip offs are commonplace these days, there seems to be no consumer protection at all. Complaints are essentially ignored, but I may as well file one. The journal business is out of control, Steve Crothers has been ripped off for being honest – asking for permission to reproduce a diagram. I think that our AIAS / UPITEC publishing system is vastly superior. I may sue Talk Talk for £7,500, because they have admitted guilt in writing.

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