Visit by Dr. Stephen Bannister, University of Utah – updated

Looks as if the best course of action is to book in to one of the hotels close to the Marina, and I can meet you there to discuss progress, especially UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364. This can be combined with a visit to see the Trevithick steam engine in the Marina. Gareth has to go to Gloucester at about that time. It would be convenient if one or two other locals could join the meeting. It is a very long journey from Utah and Steve could also talk about his Thesis on the second industrial revolution. He is assistant professor in the University of Utah. Alternatively skype can be used. Steve and I will be in one location, and others can skype in. Notably Horst Eckardt, who could talk about ES, and Doug Lindstrom, who could talk about LENR. These opportunities are few and far between. Anyone else is welcome to skype in.

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Hello Myron. I think I will now travel to Swansea on Thursday the 13th. This will give me two full days in your area, Friday and Saturday, heading back to Heathrow on Sunday. Please arrange the meetings at everyone’s convenience in that window.

I think I will stay in Swansea. I checked the National Maritime Museum site, and it says that are open 10–5 daily. I have emailed them to confirm.


Steve Bannister Stephen C. Bannister, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Economics University of Utah

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I will be delighted to see you at your convenience! Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris are scheduled to attend. Any others are welcome. Larisa is attending a wedding and having medical treatment and I don’t think she will be back by the 16th. However we can talk to her by skype from here. It might be best to arrange a meeting here or at Craig y Nos Castle Hotel. This is three star with good food. I can drive you there from the station. Otherwise there are hotels on the Marina close to the Maritime Museum, so you can be sure to see the Trevithick engine this time. We all look forward to seeing you!

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Hello Myron. Here is my current thinking. I will train to Swansea on Friday the 14th, and explore Swansea until Sunday the 16th. I hope we can find time to meet; I would be delighted to invite you and your wife to dinner at some nice place if you would enjoy that.

Given no group meeting, I think it will make sense for me to find a hotel in Swansea.


Steve Bannister Stephen C. Bannister, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Economics University of Utah

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Any date from 13th July onwards is convenient. The Craig y Nos Castle Hotel is on and the Trevithick engine is in the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. So we can arrange a small informal meeting at any time from 13th July onwards, entirely at your convenience because you are travelling so far.

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Hello Myron. I did need to make my air reservations to preserve pricing, but I reserved quite a bit of time to meet with you et al. I travel through London on July 7 on my way to Manchester. I plan to meet with friends/colleagues in London for a day before taking a train to Manchester.

The Manchester conference concludes on the 12th, and I plan to travel south by train to meet with you, so that can be anytime from the 13th on. I return to the US via London on the 17th. I will explore other English historical spots as time allows.

Very best,


Steve Bannister Stephen C. Bannister, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Economics University of Utah

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It will be a pleasure to meet him. You could set up lecture demonstrations in the Patti Theatre. Craig Cefn Parc had Hendy and Nixon drift mines into the eleven foot Craigola seam of steam coal. I gave Steve Bannister a lump of steam coal to mark the end of the first industrial revolution. The second one will depend on energy from spacetime, and it must be introduced as soon as possible. My entire family were coal miners for four generations and more. There is a film of Craig Cefn Parc on the net, the first to appear there is my late cousin Marbeth, then my late Uncle Wil covered in coal dust. There were frequent accidents and the mines are described in Autobiography Volume One. It was a far more knowledgeable and cultured environment than the current faceless car stuffed suburb, and nearly all fluently Welsh speaking. There was no crime of any kind, in great contrast to now, where the police are unable to deal with crime. Crime is imported from the nearby Morriston estates. Linda Frame, a community councillor, lives in the former winding house. My great grandfather Tommy Thomas Jones was in charge of the winding gear, and my grandfther Thomas Elim Havard-Jones, Head Deacon, was a dram engineer an collier. WhenI have teh precise dates I can make bookings at the Craiug y Nos Hotel, owned by my ancestor, the inudstrialist Morgan Morgan, the Squire of Glyn Tawe, from 1886 to 1888 at the height of the first industrial revolution. My ancestral cousin Lord Tudor Watkins, Labour M. P. for many years, and a life peer, was also a coal miner. I was recently told by an ineluctable sage that I could not be a Gentleman because I am the son of a coal miner. All the coal miners were members of the Aristocracy. They worked honestly in very dangerous conditions, and rarely if ever committed any crime. They were all fluently Welsh speaking. As a matter of fact, all the Morgan Aubrey Family are members of the Gentry, and have been for several hundred years. My own rank is Squire or Armiger, equivalent to Laird in Scotland, and I took the title of Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gwyr, after my ancestors, the Lords of Glyn Tawe and Gower. Unlike some people who pretended to have been coal miners to get a couple of votes, I am from a real coal mining family. I was told by my family to keep out of the coal mines, and work hard at school and university. This was true all over South Wales as we all know. So I became the first Ph. D. and D. Sc. in the history of Mawr, and the first Welsh speaking Civil List Pensioner. Similarly the slate workers of North Wales were told much the same thing. Many of them were descended form Princes, as I am.

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Let me know the arrangements so that I can check with Trevor. He usually visits S.Wales some time in the summer to see family. He worked in coal mines in the Craig Cefn Parc area when a youngster I believe and would like to meet you. I will bring him some other time in the summer if he can’t be there when Steve visits

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