Types of equations derived from field equations

Excellent progress, if we get good results we could discuss them at the July conference by skype. There has been tremendous progress recently, and the interest in the ECE2 papers is at a record high. They are being read 60,482 times a year off combined sites. The early morning reports give details for each paper. “Principles of ECE” is being read 6,056 times a year off combined sites, so is already a “best seller”.

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Subj: types of equations derived from field equations

In total there can be obtained 4 sets of equations from the field
equations of gravitation or electromagnetism. We can choose

1) either Faraday law or Ampere-Maxwell law,
2) either E field with A and omega_0 or E field with phi and bold
plus Gauss law in all cases.

This gives four combinations. For wave-like solutions the Faraday law
seems to be more suited because it does not contain charge currents. I
will try to program a general mechanism for the case in note 380(4) so
that we can see how the equations look like if some variables are chosen
in a special way. The general solution requires FEM methods because of
the occurence of partial diff. eqs.


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