Solution for Spin Connection

I intend to work on this today, fixing the sign change error of the last note.

Sent: 27/06/2017 18:36:37 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Solution for Spin Connection

This sounds interesting, then we have to compute bold B from the standing wave to see how this situation can be realized.


Am 27.06.2017 um 14:13 schrieb EMyrone:

I have solved Eqs. (16) to (23) by hand to find a standing wave solution for the Q vector. The spin connection in this case is the simple omega bold = kappa and omega sub zero = omega, so the spin connection is the four wave vector. The general solution can be found by computer and this does not look to be a difficult problem. This is well worth doing because the method gives the spin connection four vector and the kappa vector in a perfectly general way.

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