Greeting to Kerry Pendergast

Very good to hear from Kerry Pendergast, who is welcome to meet Steve Bannister if he wishes. I didn’t realize that Kerry lived so close to Merthyr Tydfil. Crawshay had a bet of 500 guineas that the engine wouldn’t work, but it did. It burst a valve or similar on the way back, but delivered all the iron. So we have, to the tune of Y Mochyn Du (The Black Pig):

Crawshay’s bailey had an engine,
But his engine wouldn’t go,
So he pulled it on a string,
All the way to Nant y Glo,
Did you ever see
Did you ever see,
Did you ever see,
Such a funny thing before.

O mor drwm yr ydym ni,
O mor drwm yr ydym ni,
Y mae yma alar calon
Ar ol claddu’r mochyn du.

O how heavy are we all
O how heavy are we all
We are truly broken hearted,
Round the the black pig’s burial pall.

or what was left of the black pig after being carved up for winter. I have a hook for bacon in this very room.

Sent: 28/06/2017 10:47:16 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: The Trevithick Engine

Dear Myron,

I took the Stagecoach X4 service bus from Brynmawr to Merthyr yesterday, which travels between Brynmawr and Cardiff every half an hour. It turned down to Merthyr at Dowlais top and passed the site of the Dowlais works and the site of the Pendarren works in quick succession on the steep hill before passing by Cafartha Castle in the space of just five minutes before it reached Merthyr bus station.

The journey took an hour by bus, but it only takes fifteen minutes by car from my house.

Cafartha Castle has a museum and a replica of the Trevithick engine stationary outside the entrance to the building.


The Trevithick Engine

This ran from Pen y Darren to the Merthyr Cardiff canal on 21st Feb., 1804, the first rail journey in history. It used two hundredweight of coal on the journey. There is a replica in the Waterfront Museum which is situated on the Marina in Swansea. Its opening times are nine to five, I assume that this means weekdays. There is a contact for it on the web, e mail and telephone number. There is a Breos Park Hotel in Gower, but he knocked off my ancestor about nine hundred years ago, and it is fifteen miles from the Museum. There are several Swansea Waterfront Hotels.

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