Ripping off Scholars

I agree, I ran into the same problem when preparing my Omnia Opera. In the end it was prepared by volunteer students kindly organized by Horst Eckardt and others, and all the papers were posted and hyperlinked by Dave Burleigh. Otherwise all the papers would have been lost. In the sixties, reprints were free. I used to order them from the library of the EDCL. The library was demolished and the EDCL heavily damaged by vandals. The Aberystwyth administration has never been brought to justice. The old building was saved by Gareth Evans, who arranged to have it listed. The administration would probably have demolished that too, and sold the stone for profit. None of this is mentioned in the ultra deceptive college propaganda. I advise simply preparing your own diagrams. My first book “Molecular Dynamics”, with Gareth Evans, Wiiliam Coffey and Paolo Grigolini, was 880 pages long, needing hundreds of requests for permission. At that time (late seventies and early eighties) all permissions were given free. To compound the disgraceful rip off with ridicule, half of all scientific papers are never read by anyone. Contrast this with the huge international interest in our own work. This is the result of tory ideology. Aneurin Bevan described them as lower than vermin, in his struggle to establish the National Health Service.

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The journals are out of control. I had to pay Wolters Kluwer AUD$130.43 for permission to use in our new book just one figure from a paper they had published. It’s scandalous.

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