Injustices Described in Volume Two

That is just because they are university colleges with a total of thirty thousand students and maybe five thousand staff. Every university attracts a large number of page views per month simply because they have hordes of mediochre students and thousands of staff. A more meaningful ranking is world ranking. Aberystwyth is 539 and Bangor is 598 on webometrics. They are not even ranked by Shanghai. In my opinion they are colonizing degree mills. They launder data to give the impression of doing well. For example, if they go up from 539 to 538 they say they have been very successful this year. What is needed is a Welsh medium university under the control of the National Eisteddfod. The colonizers charge huge fees for essentially no purpose, except further colonization and anglicisation. The h index analyses on this blog reveal how poor they really are. AIAS / UPITEC attracts more page views per month, and more hits, than any relevant institute in the world. We attract more page views per month than the Welsh Assembly, The National Library of Wales, The National Eisteddfod, The National Museum of Wales, the National Botanic Garden, the Dylan Thomas Centre and in fact every other relevant institution in Wales. Readers should take careful note of the corruption described in Autobiography Volume Two if they are thinking of wasting fee money on Aberystwyth or Bangor. The only departments worth considering are the Welsh medium departments. The injustices of volume two have still not been righted by the Colleges at Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea. They have been righted by the Head of State and Parliament and the rest of the world. The fact that the best native Welsh scholars are treated so badly means that these places are like Norman Castles of the psychopath Edward 1st. My ancestors Prince Rhys ap Gruffudd, Owain Glyndw^r and Henry Tudor started the long road back to justice for the People of Wales. They are still up against systematic ethnic prejudice. There is no such prejudice in the United States or any civilized country. If you are going to pay huge fees, send the students to the best universities. If you are a Welsh speaker, campaign for a Welsh medium university.

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Surprised Aber and Bangor perform this well! Having said that, I belive Bangor have been graded 5* for teaching!

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