Some Information for the Police and Talk Talk Executives

It may help the police and Talk Talk Authorities to trace these fraudsters and have them arrested through interpol if I make available the information they gave me in order to try to fool me into releasing a large amount of money into an account. The reference number was


and the details were

Mr Marek Krok at a Barclays Bank Account sort code 20 25 87, account number 60521825. They tried to deceive me by saying that they had deposited £7,500 by mistake into my account. The sequence of fraud began with the claim that my router was defective and allowing malware on to my system. The second fraudulent statement was that I would be given a new router. They sounded convincing, albeit annoying, because they had been bombarding me with calls. The third step in the fraud was to try to deceive me into thinking that they had made a mistake in depositing £7,500 into my account. In fact thay had set up a false loan. They then asked for £7,100 to be paid back to them. This is what they were really after, £7,100. Lloyds Bank froze access to my account immediately, and after calling their fraud department I was advised that these people were fraudsters. There was a lot of background noise, sounding very much like a call centre. The Bank will of course cancel the loan. I changed my online banking access details. I advise that the general public regularly change their access details if they are using internert banking. They also try to deceive a person by setting up a program with which they can control the computer – teamviewer. Again this sounds convincing, because it sound as if Talk Talk is trying to help. I made sure that teamviewer was removed completely from my computer, and I also ran a malware and anti virus scan. There was no malware or virus in my computer. They showed me what must have been a false program which tried to deceive me in to thinking that 10,888 items of malware had entered my computer through the router. Such unsolicited calls are illegal. It is either a Talk Talk call centre or a place in India where fraud is organized in a big way. I advise that all telephone calls from Talk Talk be ignored unless they send a letter first. They began to demand that I transfer money to them immediately via telephone banking or via the post office. They began to use severe harassment which I ignored. I finally I cut them off the phone. This shows the folly of a multinational using call centres in remote countries. I have protested against this practice many times before.

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