Fraud Alert

Baroness Dido Harding has left Talk Talk, but she was very helpful to me as Chief Executive. She was the only CEO who ever answered my e mail. I uncovered a new fraud scheme today with the help of Lloyds Bank. So readers should be aware of it. They are phoned up by fraudsters situated probably in India, they are well organized and they can be heard talking in the background in there own language. There are many of them all in one room. They try to tell you that your router has been hit by a lot of malware, and offer a new modem with compensation. At first it is £200, then they say that they have deposited £7,500 by mistake into your account, and will be sacked if you do not return it immediately. They try to install teamviewer on your computer. Lloyds Bank fraud department caught them and locked up my account. I never use teamviewer if I can help it. They had fraudulently applied for a loan and deposited it in my account. Lloyds will remove the loan and put in a fraud report. I am hereby reporting this fraud to the South Wales police. The bank changed the login details. This is an elaborate fraud, they bombard you with calls purportedly coming from Talk Talk or some other company. They make the money by initiating a fradulent loan application, and by pretending that it was a mistake. Then they ask for the fraudulent loan to be paid back immediately, even though it is a weekend. The bank cut them off, so the scheme is well known to Lloyds Bank. Google “Talk Talk scam” to find that the scam is already well known. They say that your router has been infected with 10,000 malware items and so on. They probably set this up in a fraudulent way. I ran a malware and virus scam and found that the computer is clean. It is protected by two anti virus programs and a firewall, and also an anti malware program. I never apply for a loan.

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