Wind 18.22%, 4 – 24 mph, Wales 15 – 24 mph, 0733 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 16 mph, so the effective wind speed is 7 mph, far below the efficient range of a steady 20 – 40 mph for giant wind turbines. This is because it takes about 9 mph to start them. The wind conditions are due to an incoming cool front. Even in rare windy conditions the turbines are obviously derelict. There is intense anger as people begin to see Mynydd y Gwair being savagely destroyed by heavy machinery. Solar is 2.53%, negligible even on the longest day of the year, and hydro is a joke at 0.56%. Hydro should be near 100% using tidal turbines, supplemented by ES and LENR.

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