Oriel Kyffin Williams

The website is www.kyffinwilliams.info and is getting 4,800 page views a month on www.statshow. The Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea in Swansea is getting 16,950 page views a month, and AIAS / UPITEC is getting 75,264 page views a month. The National Library of Wales website is getting 48,390 page views a month. Sir Kyffin Williams R. A. was a great artist, and I had care of some originals of his when I was Warden of Coleg Santes Fair in Bangor. These results astonish me because the Dylan Thomas and Kyffin Williams websites are designed for the general public and are easy to understand. Our sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org are heavy theoretical physics, which I would not expect the general public to understand. Nevertheless we outperform the general public websites. My poetry in both languages, and autobiography, are very popular off www.aias.us. This shows that our open access method has found a huge readership and is an ambassador for the Welsh language in up to 182 countries. People want to learn without being ripped off by huge fees. We charge nothing.

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