Discussion of Note 380(1)

Thanks again, the origin of this typo is that the minus sign was accidentally left out in Eq. (1). Then Eqs. (2) and (3) are the Cartesian component form of:

g = – del phi + omega phi

In consequence of the minus sign being left out in Eq. (1), the omega sub X and omega sub Y terms in eqs. (2), (3), (5) and (6) should have positive signs in front of them. The correct expressions are given in Eqs. (7) and (8).

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It seems that the sign in front of omega_X and omega_Y must be positive in eqs. (2,3).


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This analysis introduces consideration of the gravitomagnetic field and considers the Newtonian and zero and counter gravitational limits. Any experimental claims of counter gravitation can be analyzed straightforwardly with ECE2 theory.

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