Comparison with Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament

Using the Welsh Assembly website gets 40,530 page views a month, and the Scottish Parliament gets 184,890 page views a month. This compares with AIAS / UPTEC at 75,264 page views a month on average in 2016. Gregynog Centre gets 5,490 page views per month. With over three thousand five five hundred freely accessible items on alone, the combined sites and amount to the leading websites of their kind in the world. All of these items are read every month. Many thanks again to all concerned! Of interest to Wales are the following data, which will eventually appear in the comparative impact table. The following records page views per month.

1) Welsh Assembly 40,530.
2) Yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 12,600.
3) National Library of Wales 48,390.
4) Gregynog Hall of the University of Wales 5,490.
5) Oriel Kyffin Williams Sir Fo^n 4,800.
6) Dylan Thomas Centre Swansea 16,950.
7) R. S. Thomas Literary Festival 30.

These are all general public websites, whereas AIAS / UPITEC contains advanced theoretical physics which has swept the world of science in up to 182 countries. Our and websites have generated about twenty two million hits since 2002 as the attached CV shows. Being a Republican Nationalist, R. S. Thomas was forced to retire by his Bishop at the age of 65, and thereafter was nominated for a Nobel Prize in literature and produced some of his best work. As described in volume two of my autobiography I was excluded for life from the colonized University of Wales for exposing corruption, and also for my Republican Nationalist views. So the UW is need of sweeping reform, as we all know. I have been told that I have been nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize, and there is no reason to doubt it. The process is supposed to be confidential but it leaks like a sieve. In any case the entire raison d’etre of my work from 1971 to now has been pure scholarship. This is what I always wanted to do inside the University of Wales, but obstacles were always put in my path. My research group was destroyed deliberately and I emigrated to the U. S. I asw naturalized a U. S. citizen in 2000 at Cornell University. To those in the know this the boringly familiar colonial UW. It is hard to hear a single world of Welsh spoken on the campi, and I advocate an entirely new Welsh medium University of Wales under the auspices of the National Eisteddfod.


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