Wind 7.96%, 3 – 16 mph, Wales 9 – 13 mph, 0804 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 10 mph, an effective speed of only 1 mph, because it takes 9 mph to make the derelict scrap rotate, a kind of useless dance that mocks democracy. These useless machines almost never produce any power, so are obviously the result of cynical greed for subsidies. Sweeping reforms and new laws are needed to get rid of them and prosecute those responsible for massive environmental damage, and sickening slaughter of wildlife. Solar is useless at 2.46% and hydro is a fiasco at 0.89%. So there is effectively no government. The rated or optimal wind speed needed for for these super large turbines is 20 – 40 mph, and that never occurs in Wales or the British and Irish Archipelago. This was well known before they were constructed, so their construction was cynical corruption from beginning to end. Tidal power is steady, and will easily produce demand. My daily data on this blog for almost a year prove conclusively that wind turbines are useless, and that the wind industry cooks the data for gullible ministers to regurgitate. My data are taken from the public domain, and the met office wind map.

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