FT Site Essentially No traffic on www.semrush.com

This hate blog is receiving essentially no traffic as monitored by www.semrush.com for about nine days now. The same pattern is revealed by www.statcount.com , which laconically mentions that this hate blog appears to be attracting very little traffic. There is more traffic in the Antarctic. This has been the pattern for eighteen years. It does not take a medical expert to realize that people who spew bile all over themselves for eighteen years are both pungent and peculiar, so people hold their noses. All this is summed up by that sage of 21 Westland Row Dublin, the Rt. Hon Oscar Wilde: “Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.” New laws are needed to prosecute carriers such as WordPress who let this disgusting trash proliferate among decent people, children included. New laws are needed to give the police authority to block such sites. A former Mayor of Swansea has used troll trash to further a campaign of harassment which the entire scientific world ignores. In so doing he has offended the entire scientific world, which has consigned him and his anonymous cronies to eternal and complete obscurity. “Argument is vulgar and often convincing”, but trolling is merely vulgar.

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