Comparison with the Dylan Thomas Centre

On the Dylan Thomas Centre website is getting 10,950 page views a month compared with 75,264 for our very own AIAS / UPITEC, based in Swansea’s North Pole, Craig Cefn Parc. Dylan Marlais Thomas is advertized now as Swansea’s most famous son, but in his own lifetime he was dirt poor and regarded as a waster by the bone headed, of which there are many around here. He is certainly Swansea’s most famous son, science in Wales always takes second place to literature. “How’s your maths? I speak it like a native.” The National Library of Wales website generates 48,390 page views a month and does a great job. Dylan Marlais had the severe disadvantage of not knowing Welsh, or cynghanedd, but he uses alliteration similar to cynghanedd, but much less intricate. Nobel Prize nominee R. S. Thomas learnt Welsh and wrote his autobiography in that language, “Neb”, “A Nobody”. Our website has my poetry in both languages. I never spoke English in the entire local family or clan and always seek out Welsh speakers to converse in the language of heaven. The Anglo Welsh wish they could speak Welsh, unless they are completely apathetic, and it has a great deal of support worldwide. So we must not let it become extinct as a spoken language. The world looks to us in Wales to keep it, especially the other Celtic Nations. My predecessor on the Civil List, Vernon Watkins, could probably speak Maesteg dialect Welsh, because his parents could both speak it fluently. Dylan’s father, the formidable D. J., was a fluent Welsh speaker, and of course so was his mother. So I do not understand Dylan’s negative attitude to the language, it is an attitude that is all too prevalent now, and comes from centuries of oppression. I never had this attitude at all.

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