Wind 8.12%, 1 – 19 mph, Wales 4 – 12 mph, 0750 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area no is effectively 3 mph, a mean of 12 mph minus 9 mph needed to uselessly rotate the derelict scrap. Mynydd y Gwair if forced through undemocratically against a large majority against will essentially be built to be useless in order to rip off the taxpayer and to enrich an immensely wealthy absentee aristocrat. So this is also a derelict society, similar to the last years of the Roman Empire, saturated with decadence, inequality, apathy, corruption, self seeking and greed. Solar is useless at 4.11%, even though it is the longest and sunny day, and hydro is a sad failure at 0.74%. Hydro should be close to 100% using tidal turbines and state of the art engineering. Nuclear is flat out, slowly irradiating innocent people. This can best be described as treason.

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