FT Report 21/6/17 from www.semrush.com

The FT site (code for Fawlty Towers) has attracted a spectacular zero organic traffic in eight days of monitoring, so by extrapolation it has hibernated for eighteen years. There is no interest at all in Mr Richard and his team of mathematically incompetent CCP trolls, they are regarded with contempt internationally, and have been ever since they assembled themselves with Frankenstein’s cast off bolts. These people have nothing to do in life, and in no way do they represent the real and decent people of Mawr, to which they are a grotesque embarrassment. The silly little petitions and the silly little troll site are a complete failure, and they should be confined to the infants school playground. “Always ignore your enemies, nothing annoys them so much” (a variation on Oscar Wilde). To be ignored completely for eighteen years is like broadcasting without a microphone from a cell in Broadmoor. The sophisticated and intelligent world out there despises the rantings of a man like Ioan Richard, who is so obviously reeking with egregious malice.


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