Biefeld Brown Effect

Good idea, combining the field equations should produce a lot of new ideas. Thanks for going through the notes. It will be very interesting to see whether equations such as (34) and (35) produce precession from the spin connection. The combination of field equations and the numerical integration method is very powerful.

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Subj: Re: Plans for Developing UFT380

This sounds interesting. Perhaps it would be useful to study the Biefeld-Brown effect. Maybe this can be explained by the field equations, when electrical forces counteract the gravitational forces. I will go through the remaining notes of paper 379 probably on Thursday, because I have to prepare a talk here in our PC club for tomorrow.


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These are to implement systematically more of the ECE2 gravitational field equations, used in combination with the lagrangian and hamiltonian. Similarly electrodynamics can be developed by implementing more of the field equations and using the numerical integration methods of recent papers.

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