FT Report 20/6/17

The FT site has attracting no interest at all in about a week of daily monitoring, zero organic traffic on www.semrush.com. The site www.statcount.com also indicates that the FT site has essentially zero traffic, and has had essentially zero traffic for eighteen years. It is a repulsive hate blog which attacks distinguished internationally well known scientists. A former Mayor of Swansea has recently admitted that he is part of this hate blog. So this person organized a local group to join a hate blog that has been ignored by professionals for eighteen years. This group has been totally ignored for about three years, and is regarded internationally with contempt and revulsion. The Local Authority Ombudsman has advised that if this person continues to harass, he should be charged by the police, who know his name and address. I will write to the new Labour M. P. for Gower to ask for effective action and a Commons Enquiry. The M. P. knows the content of the hate blog. This hate blog is not scientific and is mathematically incompetent. “How’s your maths? I speak it like a native”.

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