Wind 0.64%, 0 – 20 mph, Wales 0 – 2 mph, 0756 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is a spectacular zero mph. and so the turbines are producing nothing at all, not even a boiled egg borrowed from a Rhode Island red. They very rarely produce any power. Wind turbines throughout Wales are producing nothing at all, a surrealistic energy policy designed by Salvador Dali. Solar is 5.00%, hydro is 1.20%, so renewables of this type amount to a flat joke. Spike Milligan could do better as Minister. The obvious answer of tidal turbines is not being implemented, and government is paralyzed. Who needs the Goon Show? Nuclear is flat out, slowly poisoning the land and sea, (for example Trawsfynydd), and gas is almost flat out, giant pipelines having ripped the landscape to pieces. Coal is powered up at 5.63%. These are percentage contributions to electricity demand, the contribution of renewables to total demand (electricity plus all kinds of fuel) is essentially zero after thirty years of development. The golden elegance of Mynydd y Gwair is being ripped apart by mindless barbarians. In the attached there is a Triban Morganwg to Mynydd y Gwair, called “Y Filltir Scwa^r” in memory of my grandfather, T. Elim Havard-Jones: “Mae’r haul ar Fynydd y Gwair / Miloedd o leiniau disglair, ……..” . In the first volume of my autobiography above my coat of arms on the home page of there is a photograph of the great beauty that used to be our landscape.


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