Three more institutes of advanced study

1) School of Advanced Study University of London, 102,600 page views a month.
2) Institute for Advanced Study in Cuture, University of Virginia 7,920 page views a month.
3) Vienna Institute for Advanced Study 21,630 page views a month.
4) AIAS / UPITEC: 75,264 page views a month.

Again, the above have many more staff and much greater resources. The most famous IAS is Princeton, founded in 1930. There are no thought police, the staff are free to use their own thought. this is what I always tried to do in universities, and was frequently at odds with staff for outpublishing them with hard work. Albert Einstein, Hermann Weyl, John von Neumann, Freeman Dyson, and others have studied at PIAS. I don’t think they have to produce any papers, and there are no students. The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies was founded in 1940. I have lectured and studied there. Compared with AIAS / UPITEC their websites do not contain much information.

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