Photographs from the Danube Delta by Horst Eckardt

Many thanks for these photographs. They are well composed and capture the serene landscape. Danube is Y Donaw in my language, meaning literally a river with waves. Ton is wave. It is Donau in your language as you know, pronounced in exactly the same way. So it is very ancient, derived from proto Indo European, thirty thousand years ago. The central European people, the Galatians, moved down the Danube and into modern Turkey – Paul’s letter to the Galatians.

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Yes, Romanian is a language derived directly from Latin, like Italian. There are many similarities. It is not a Slavic language.
The Danube Delta has a size of some hundred square kilometers. It is a huge bird sanctuary. There is also a beach resort at the Black sea but fortunately not in the area of the Delta. Attached are two landscape photos, there is a lot of reed too.


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Welcome back, the trip sounds very interesting! The Danube Delta sounds like a very good place for landscape photography, it must be an enormous delta. It sound as if the speak a kind of Latin in Romania, derived from the Byzantine Empire.

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I am back now from my holiday. We visited nice places in Romania, many
old monasterii and the nice nature of the Danube delta with pelicans. We
even visited the “palazzo prozzo” of Ceaucescu in Bucharest, a building
of huge size, but falling out of time because the intereor in
neo-classic style is 150 years behind modern times.


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