FT Report 19/6/17

The FT harassment site is getting no interest from anyone today again. So it is the most boring bile ever written, having produced eighteen years of pure international repulsion, there is no attraction. Fawlty’s long drawn out bid for stardom is summed up by O. Wilde: “There is one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”. Rip, in desperation, has decided to offer free arsenic sandwiches and cyanide tea to any visitor at all, in the manner of “Under Millk Wood” by D. Thomas. Chemists are working on a process to turn the tons of bile reserve produced over eighteen years of solitude, into pungent fertilizer. None of Fawlty’s cronies are being talked about, they sink ever more into a cess pit as deep as a coal mine. Down there, there is the Devil and eternal darkness.

cc Police Commissioner.

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