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This is a comparative impact table in page views per month with other leading Institutes for Advanced Study and similar using and Our websites and are unique because they contain about three thousand five hundred freely accessible items. These have been consulted millions of times since 2002, and will continue to be consulted millions of times for the foreseeable future. Other websites contain much less information, and are rarely freely accessible. Our impact is comparable with entire Colleges such as Aberystwyth and Bangor, and greater than that of the entire National Library of Wales. There are two regular authors, Dr. Horst Eckardt and myself, with important contributions from Doug Lindstrom, Gareth Evans and Steve Crothers. The support staff are Dave Burleigh, Alex Hill, Sean Maclachlan and Robert Cheshire. The other Fellows contribute by study and discussion. This system is a far more meaningful and direct measure of impact than citations in ultra dogmatic standard model journals which publish only the standard model. It is estimated that about half of the papers published by dogmatists are not read at all. This means that about a million dogmatic papers a year are completely ignored. Dogmatic citation is becoming meaningless. People go straight to our websites and study, without worrying about dogma. These are people from the best places in the world. We know this clearly from years of scientometrics, the best ever recorded for a major paradigm shift.


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