Comparison with Royal Institution and so on

Many thanks, the is unique in providing over three thousand five hundred openly accessible items. I found two sites,, and which can be used to find the impact of any website in page views per month. These confirm the tremendous impact of our work as recorded in the comparative impact tables on At an average of 75,264 page views a month in 2016 we out impact many institutional websites, for example: The Royal Institution, the National Library of Wales, The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, the Berlin Institute for Advanced Study, and the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study in Brittany. The Royal Society website gets 166,320 page views a month, The Netherlands IAS gets 257,340 page views a month, and the famous Princeton Institute for Advanced Study gets 103,740 page views a month. The Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa gets 185,490 page views a month. The Normale has the reputation of being the best University in Italy. These are comparable kinds of institutions. We are even comparable with entire universities of thousands of staff and students, for example the Aberystwyth site gets 365,610 page views a month, and the Bangor site gets 316,170 page views a month. We completely out impact leading individual research groups, for example The Zwola group at NIST, Boulder, Colorado, gets 1,440 page views a month, and the Imer group at METU gets 1,530 page views a month. This confirms my previous analysis using hit counters. All of these institutes are obviously much bigger than we are, with much better facilities. This shows of course that the closure of the EDCL at Aberystwyth was a fiasco. The first and third most productive scientists in the world, yours truly and Sir John Meurig Thomas, worked there. We are both first language Welsh speakers and sons of coal miners, so according to one imported sage, cannot be Gentlemen. Coal miners cannot be Gentlemen. So that sums up the intellectual standard of the current University of Wales. We need a new, entirely Welsh medium University, part of an expanded National Eisteddfod. Wales is the only country in the world that makes its, and the world’s, most productive scientist work from a coal miner’s house. This is because the University of Wales is a closed shop, as we all know – the result of colonization and self seeking corruption (Autobiography Volume Two). I am a lifelong Republican from a Leveller and Dissenter background, a Welsh speaking Baptist like Lloyd George, so out impacting the royalists is routine. Lloyd George described the House of Lords as a collection of the unemployed chosen at random. I would describe colonialism in the same way. Being descended from the Tudors I am an Uchelwr, or nobleman, a much higher rank than Gentleman. My Norman rank is Squire, earned purely by merit, and also by descent from many Gentry families.

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It is astonishing that you outperform the RI!

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