Harassing Site Returns Zero Traffic for Six Days Running

This troll site is well known to AIAS / UPITEC staff and to the police. There has been no interest in it at all for eighteen years (www.semrush.com), it is an optimistic stalactite among the idols of the deepest cave. There is also no international interest at all in the local hicks who have posted a lot of illegal and infantile abuse on the site. Outside their own tiny world, they are infinitesimal in a highly intelligent international sceintific scene that does not like abuse on the internet, or tiny minded, incompetent abusers. The troll site has been harassing AIAS / UPITEC since 2011. There is no international interest at all in Mr Ioan Richard, who has admitted that he is part of the site. The Local Authority Ombudsman advises that he should be reported to the police for harassment. He has a profound knowledge of Cartan geometry and speaks it like a native (Milligan and Secombe). All these hicks have to do is knock on my door for a cup of tea and tetrads. With the unfortunate exception of Mr Richard, I have never met any one of them, and none of them have ever read my work. The amoeba is scintillating in comparison.

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