Wind 9.18%, 0 – 20 mph, Wales 5 – 16 mph, 0755 local time.

The mean wind speed in the Betws area now is 8 mph, so the derelict scrap known as “wind turbines” is producing no power, like all scrap. They were designed and thrown up to be scrap, and democracy was scrapped in the process. A return to sanity would have them demolished, or the Trade Union Movement could make them unworkable, because they threaten to destroy democracy. Solar is a negligible 6.50% even though we are approaching the longest day in summer. In winter solar is a total no no, often 0.00%. Hydro is a sad joke at 0.83%. Nuclear is flat out, and slowly poisoning the land surface with radiation. I told you they were leaking, with apologies to Spike Milligan. In fact I did tell you, as an undergraduate. Hydro could easily be increased to nearly 100% in a few years, using tidal turbines, and LEBR and ES brought online just as easily.

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