Contribution by Stephen Crothers

I am sure that this will be another excellent contribution from the well known scholar and critic of dogma, Stephen Crothers. It looks as if the obsolete methods of publication make money out of millions of unread papers. They also charge a huge amount to get a reprint from a library. In the enlightened sixties, all this was free. This makes a sausage machine out of scholarship. There is no sincerity at all in that type of system, the capitalist system.

Sent: 16/06/2017 11:07:13 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Book information

Dear Horst,

I am applying for permissions to use figures from other publications in my contributory chapter. To do so I need the title of our book, its estimated date of publication, an estimate of the number of pages it will contain, the names of all authors. It appears that many journals are now associated with Rightslink, owned and operated by a major journal publisher, and they charge money for permissions!

Kind regards,
Steve Virus-free.

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