Some More Comparison Data from

AIAS / UPITEC got an average of 75,264 page views per month in 2016, putting us among the best Institutes for Advanced Studies in the world. I will gradually collect page view data from and tabulate them. Some more examples, bear in mind that every one of these institutes has far more staff and resources:

1) National Humanities Center, North Carolina, 39,150 page views a month.
2) Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study Amsterdam, 257,340.

A more equitable comparison is with websites of world leading research groups of roughly our own size.

3) IMER Research Group, Middle East Tech., Turkey, 1,530 page views a month.
4) Mike Zwola’s Research group at NIST, Boulder Colorado, 1,440 page views a month.

Our impact is much larger than almost all research groups in the world’s best universities, institutes and similar, and commensurate with entire Institutes of Advanced Study, the Royal Society, the National Library of Wales and so on. This has been the case all my research life (1971 to present). It can be seen that papers written forty six years ago are still avidly read off the Omnia Opera of They were always papers of unusual originality

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