UFT88 Read Twice More by the students at Otago, and Utsunomiya University

UFT88 has been read twice more by the students at the University of Otago New Zealand and at Utusnomiya University Japan, founded in 1949 with 5,580 students, ranked 801 in the world by Times and 1841 by Webometrics. UFT88 is a famous paper by Horst Eckardt and myself, read about fify thousand times in a decade in about three hundred or more of the world’s best universites. It refutes the geometrical basis of Einsteinian general relativity through the use of torsion. It should be read with UFT 99, 109, 255, 313, 354 and 378, together with “Eighty Three Refutations of Einsteinian Geneal Relativity”. The Einstein theory is completely obsolete, and replaced by ECE2. Leading astronomy labroatories have quietly dropped the theory when studying S2 like star systems (UFT378). To those who still adhere to it: How’s your grasp of dogma? I regurgitate it like a goon (with apologies to Spike Milligan).

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