FT2 Report

The traffic to the FT site today is zero in all countries. It has been like this for eighteen years. Rip van Winkle hibernates even in summer and camps out in the Catskills with his friends the rattlesnakes and copperheads. Over fifteen years, Rip of FT has been beaten twenty two million to nearly nothing by www.aias.us and www.upitec.org. Fawlty lives in a shack off potholed Mountain Road, and is desperately seeking attention now that he has retired. In fact he has always been retired. At this rate, Rip and Fawlty, now close friends, will be waiting until the next glaciation. There are rumours that Fawlty will relocate to a royalist mansion in Tunbridge Wells now that he is a tory advocate, the first tory communist in history.

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