FOR POSTING: Comparison on of Institutes of Advanced Study

The following information is in page views a month

1) AIAS / UPITEC 75,264.
2) Princeton Institute for Advanced Study 103,740.
3) Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 18,720.
4) Berlin Institute for Advanced Study 13,680.
5) Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities 257,340
6) IAS Nantes in Brittany 30.

These are all world leading institutes, so AIAS / UPTEC is a world leader, with a much smaller staff. Some similar institutes and organizations are as follows:

7) National Library of Wales 48,390.
8) Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 183,720
9) Royal Society of London 166,320.

These are the kinds of institutes with which AIAS/ UPITEC should be compared. AIAS / UPITEC is really a small sized research group, and it completely out impacts almost all small research groups in the world in terms of hit counters. This is known from comparative impact tables posted on It out impacts some entire Institutes and Libraries with large staffs. It will go on doing this indefinitely because it isa archived on and so on. We make almost as much of an impact as the famous Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, and much more of an impact that than the equally famous Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Amny congrtaulations to the Fellows and Staff, who have worked hard for fifteen years to achieve this ranking. PIAS has forty two faculty and emeriti, plus support staff, compared with our paper producing staff of about five: Horst Eckardt, Gareth Evans, Douglas Lindstrom, Steve Crothers and myself, and about half a dozen active staff: Dave Burleigh, Alex Hill, Sean Maclachlan, Steve Bannister and Robert Cheshire. Apologies to those staff inadvertently missed. The National Library of Wales has about five hundred staff.

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